Monday, June 7th Cooking Demo: Superfoods: Roots and Leaves

I bet you don’t always know what to make of  (let alone with!) those masses of shapeless leaves and grimy roots piled demurely at every food market display you pass hurriedly every day. The good news is there’s plenty of ways you can use them: They cost pennies, are veritable nutritional powerhouses and are a […]


Rave Reviews

I often receive feedback about my classes or recipes that just makes me kvell. If you have made any of my recipes and have feedback to share with me, I would love to hear from you! You can leave a note in the comments section below. Here is one that really put a smile on […]

Cooking demo: Tuesday June 1st: Italian Festivale: Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

Gluten-free Italian? You can’t be serious! Or can you? What is the problem, with all the fabulous grains on the market? And as if I was not pressing my luck hard enough, I am making this dinner dairy-free! Move over Mozarella!  I warn you: Gluten-free or not, you’ll get hooked on the pizza! For our […]

Cooking Demo: Monday May 24th: More than Just Tea for Two: Quick, Easy and Elegant!

Why not just stay in tonight and enjoy a wonderful intimate dinner-and-movie that will make you look like a pro, save loads on a restaurant trip, babysitting and whatnot? You can do it, excellently and in no time! I will be demonstrating: Trio of tuna: Seared, handroll, tartare Sauté spinach and portobello Spicy buckwheat couscous […]

My Last Treat: The Martha Stewart Show

A friend recently forwarded me an invitation to the Martha Stewart Show. Should I go, I kept asking myself? The “invitation” was fraught with recommendations written in a style that made them sound more like warnings (what you should wear, when you should arrive, how you will forfeit your turn if you don’t do a, […]