Cooking Demo: Monday May 24th: More than Just Tea for Two: Quick, Easy and Elegant!

Why not just stay in tonight and enjoy a wonderful intimate dinner-and-movie that will make you look like a pro, save loads on a restaurant trip, babysitting and whatnot? You can do it, excellently and in no time! I will be demonstrating: Trio of tuna: Seared, handroll, tartare Sauté spinach and portobello Spicy buckwheat couscous […]

Linguini Puttanesca

The Pasta Factory Teaneck

Dinner at the Pasta Factory Teaneck on Mother’s Day was a great experience.  We had one of the Mother’s Day prix fixe  menus, and it was spectacular: Corn Tomatillo soup, baby rack of lamb, and assorted desserts. Every bit as delicious as in our Levana Restaurant days, which is not surprising as they brought in […]

Indian Feast

Upcoming Cooking Demo: Monday May 17th: Indian Feast

INDIAN FEAST GLUTEN-FREE Gluten-free is no challenge at all when planning an Indian feast, as the Indian diet is blessed with such a mind-boggling grain and flour selection. Also, thanks to all the wonderful inroads that have recently been made in the food industry, quality dairy-free yogurt and milk are widely available as well, so […]

Cooking Demo Monday May 10th

International Shavouot Flavors OK guys, we are all allowed cheating once in a great while and pack it in, with dairy as the prime suspect, and today is the day! So don’t go ruin it and say the D word and wipe that smile off anyone’s face: Relax, we get back on the wagon tomorrow! […]


A Cold Vegetarian-Fish Shabbos Lunch. Menu and Recipes

As often when we host lots of singles for Shabbos, this week I went Shabbos shopping with a totally open mind. Since I was right in the area of Whole Foods on 97th St and Columbus Ave, I thought to myself, surprise me, and decided my Shabbos lunch menu will be predicated on my discoveries. […]