NYC Hick Goes out to Queens

I have been living in the United States almost two generations. I have lived in an apartment structure my whole life, in big cities only: Casablanca, Paris New York, etc…. you get the picture. I am a complete city mouse, don’t drive, and cannot conceive of any viable setting where subways, buses, museums, restaurants, bookstores, […]

Cooking Demo: Monday July 12th: No Meat Today: The Pareve Feast

Do you notice, as I do, some people madly gorging on meat dishes just before the nine days in prevision of the impending culinary “recession”? Since meatless is the way we eat at home most of the time except on Shabbos, let me assure you you will hardly feel deprived; This is our opportunity to […]


We Have a Winner!

Did you know that there is incentive for registering early (at least two days before) my cooking class demos? In fact,  student Lorrie Fein just won a $50 gift certificate to hip Judaica retailer from Levana Cooks for doing just that. Mazel Tov Lorrie! Check out all my latest cooking class demos here, and […]

Cooking Demo: Thursday July 8th: Main Course Salads

Whatever dinner mood you may be in – French, Latin, Chinese, Italian – there is a complete and exciting main course salad to suit your food preferences and cravings: meat, fish or vegetarian. Since this is the way my husband and I eat almost every day, I can only assure you you are in good […]

Cooking Demo: Monday June 28th: The Perfect Shabbos Lunch

Would you rather not leave the heat on for shabbos? Who could blame you? Many of my fabulous cold summer Shabbos menus have appeared in many publications: Time to share one of them with you! Minimal cooking and effort, maximal flavor, that’s the whole idea! I will be demonstrating: Chilled minted pea escarole soup Seared […]