Upcoming Cooking Demo In NYC: Monday October 18th: The Good Junk: for Children Big and Small

Don’t do anything rash just yet in your desire to do the right healthy thing: No you needn’t kiss your favorites goodbye. You can enjoy your fast food as hearty as you like it, and right at home. So what’s the secret? None other than starting out with lean choices, and making it yourself in […]


Washington Heights Jewish Fair

Come visit me at the Washington Heights Jewish Fair where I will have a booth this Sunday!  

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday, October 4th: Small Meals, Big Skillet

I am always asked if it is indeed worth it to cook for just oneself, or for two, and of course the answer is yes yes and yes: Who better to cook for? Here is a perfect example of not one but two beautiful complete dinners that take minutes to prepare from beginning to end, […]


Plan your Elopement: There will Always be a Chabad House!

Never mind the popular belief: Elopements are almost always carefully thought out. The only people who deny this simple fact are those who were vexed about not having been consulted, or those who were left behind. This summer has been particularly stressful, working like crazy to meet some deadlines, and it seemed the season passed […]

Cape Cod Cold Kugel Recipe

What’s going on, have I lost my head? Who needs a cold kugel recipe? Who would even give cold kugel the right time of day? Or was I just playing with alliteration (Cape Cold Cold Kugel: Does sound catchy!)? Seriously: All of us harried people racking their brains about how to make and serve interesting […]