Cooking Demo in NYC: Roast Chicken from Around the World

Even with all the cooking wizardy everyone seems to endow me with (thank you all very much!) one of my most enduring classics is roast chicken. You will be simply amazed how many gorgeous hats roast chicken can wear! Don’t worry, you won’t be chickened out: This is real dinner, served with rice, salad and […]


Shirataki: The Miracle Noodle that lives up to its name

Shirataki Noodles with Sesame Sauce Every time I come across any food or drink item that boasts zero calories, I remember my mother’s admonition, delivered in French with a scornful snort, heard all my life, from childhood until now: “Zero fois zero egal zero”. which translates as, Zero times zero equal zero, meaning you get […]


Cooking Demo in NYC: Pasta Party the Gluten-Free Way!

Cooking Demo from January 24th, 2014: I too used to watch longingly everyone enjoy their pasta, while I watched helplessly, or worse, decided to bite the bullet, have the wheat pasta dishes and pay with a few days of discomfort. No longer, no sir! Here’s a menu that will make my point in full, as […]


Fear of Flying: Ruminations of a Former World Traveler

On the eve of our departure to Israel, I am reminded of an email my friend Eve sent a few friends after her flight from Miami to Australia, which I would like to share with you, along with my response: You will enjoy this, I guarantee it! It might also take the edge off our […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday December 20th: Healing Foods: Gluten-Free

Want to eat deliciously the super-healthy way? Trying to get your strength back faster and with less medication after a treatment that left you somewhat depleted? So many foods have such great healing powers you will actually have a good time preparing and eating them. No need to cook separately: These dishes are delicious enough […]