Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday August 22nd: The Lean Italian Feast

Italian flavors at their best and most vibrant: I am making my own special oil for the antipasto. You will love the fish soup! And wait till you taste that plum tart! I’ll be demonstrating: Antipasto Cioppino Arborio with wild mushrooms Balsamic-roasted fennel, endive and radicchio Plum tart Click here to register  


Shopping in a Heimish Store

I got such a kick out of this one! A trip to the suburbs always includes a trip to a Heimish Store. Make no mistake, some of those affectionately called Heimish store are the size of a small ball park. We New Yorkers shop mostly local, and sometime the bill kills. For the most part, we […]


New Children Book in Town! Anita and Juanito

  Oh I know I’m too old to still read a children’s book, but when it’s so much fun, and I can enjoy it with a grandchild or two, I’m there! Especially when I get lucky enough to meet the author personally: Jackie Theibert: writer, cartoonist, animation genius, portraitist, and nanny to three adoring and […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday August 15th. Dining à la Française

Stay home with some French Classics, a good bottle of wine and some baguette: What could possibly beat this treat? I am including my award-winning Bourguignon! I’ll be demonstrating: Cream of Asparagus Boeuf Bourguignon Herb-roasted potatoes Bibb lettuce and shallot salad Coffee macarons with chocolate filling Click here to register!


Eating Out: Good Example of Bad Service

  What my order most decidedly didn’t look like! This is My Seared Tuna. Nothing like Bad Service to put a damper on a date. The other day I and a couple ladies I was meeting to discuss a cookbook project had dinner at a restaurant in Surfside, where I was spending a week. I […]