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The Whole Foods Kosher kitchen

Review of my Cookbook by Tara Barker

6th of November, 2011

Thank you so much Tara Barker for your glowing review of my Latest Cookbook! Cookbooks these days have become works of art. We display them on our coffee tables, give them our coveted, valuable kitchen counter space, we read them in bed as if they were gripping novels. Their pages...
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“The Cure Is In The Pot” By Helen Zegerman Schwimmer

4th of November, 2011

Latest Review of my new cookbook, by Helen Schwimmer, in the Jewish Press: Thank you dearest Helen/Chaya Minna! Levana Kirschenbaum, restaurateur, master chef, cooking teacher and author, has just published the ultimate cookbook, “The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen: Glorious Meals Pure and Simple.”This is her magnum opus, a book that...
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Let’s Talk Turkey: The Whole Scoop. In Search of the Perfect Roasted Bird! Roasting Tips.Turkey Leftovers Ideas and Recipes

4th of November, 2011

Whole Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey with All the Sides

Thanksgiving was our busiest day all the years we had our Restaurant, Levana. I suspect the reason was, beside bringing many families together and offering complete and delicious Thanksgiving meals with bells and whistles, quite simply, some people are afraid of turkey. Big Bird can really look imposing! And who...
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Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday November 7th: Secrets of Gluten-Free Baking

2nd of November, 2011

Although the number of gluten-free commercial offerings is expanding daily, I am sorry to say they are quite often loaded with trashy worthless ingredients, and not terribly tasty, which makes gluten-free eating an unhealthy and uninspiring experience, defeating the whole purpose. You would be amazed how resourceful you can get...
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Secrets of Good Whole Grain Baking with Recipes

2nd of November, 2011

Whole Grain Baking will reconcile you with all those uninspiring bread loaves displayed at your local supermarket or commercial bakery. Since I use spelt flour for all my baked goods (except the gluten-free ones), and since I only do whole grain baking, both sweet and savory, let me start with a...
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Pumpkin Corn Pudding Recipe. Gluten-Free

1st of November, 2011


In this pumpkin corn pudding, pumpkin and corn are an amazing match. Corn pudding is a wonderful comfort food, and super easy to make. You will be pleased to see that in my new cookbook I make extensive use of pumpkin all shapes and sizes, for this pumpkin corn pudding...
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Pardes Tasting Menu: A Multi-Dish Multi-Level Feast

30th of October, 2011

Chef Moshe Wendel of Pardes Restaurant looks, sounds and cooks like a force of nature. I was there last Sunday with my friends Larisa and Gene, and their precious daughter Chasya, and rather than order specific dishes, we willingly submitted to Chef Moshe’s magic and ordered a complete tasting menu,...
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Vegan Mock Zabaglione Recipe

25th of October, 2011


I haven’t had the authentic Zablaglione, the luscious Italian whipped egg-yolk-sugar-and-port cream classic dessert, since one day I got sick from -and ashamed of- having splurged on it. But even at small doses, not everyone can afford it: I trust you will like the results of my tinkering: It tastes...
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MilleFeuille with Mock Zabaglione and Berries Recipe

25th of October, 2011


Millefeuille is the easiest dessert ever, and so much fun, and delicious! MilleFeuille is a fun name that literally means a thousand leaves in French, because the puff pastry separates into lots of paper-thin sheets during baking. You can make both the zabaglione (I am including my delicious recipe!) and...
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Homemade Applesauce Recipe

24th of October, 2011


Until just last week, which is just before we hosted our annual Simchat Torah Party, if the idea of serving applesauce to guests had entered my head, I would have been worried about my culinary creativity coming to a screeching halt. But here’s what happened: I cooked and baked up...
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