Shopping in a Heimish Store

I got such a kick out of this one! A trip to the suburbs always includes a trip to a Heimish Store. Make no mistake, some of those affectionately called Heimish store are the size of a small ball park. We New Yorkers shop mostly local, and sometime the bill kills. For the most part, we […]


New Children Book in Town! Anita and Juanito

  Oh I know I’m too old to still read a children’s book, but when it’s so much fun, and I can enjoy it with a grandchild or two, I’m there! Especially when I get lucky enough to meet the author personally: Jackie Theibert: writer, cartoonist, animation genius, portraitist, and nanny to three adoring and […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday August 15th. Dining à la Française

Stay home with some French Classics, a good bottle of wine and some baguette: What could possibly beat this treat? I am including my award-winning Bourguignon! I’ll be demonstrating: Cream of Asparagus Boeuf Bourguignon Herb-roasted potatoes Bibb lettuce and shallot salad Coffee macarons with chocolate filling Click here to register!


Eating Out: Good Example of Bad Service

  What my order most decidedly didn’t look like! This is My Seared Tuna. Nothing like Bad Service to put a damper on a date. The other day I and a couple ladies I was meeting to discuss a cookbook project had dinner at a restaurant in Surfside, where I was spending a week. I […]


A Dinner to Remember at Pardes Restaurant

Still enjoying the glow of our dinner at Pardes Restaurant. For almost twenty years,  we at Levana Restaurant hosted, indeed pioneered, annual wine pairing dinners. Magnificent dishes, with wines to match them in full measure. The memory I keep from the first of those glorious feasts is something very inconvenient I have yet to live […]