Cooking with Levana: The Trust Game

Cooking with Levana: The Trust Game

The Trust Game Only a wonderful friend like Sherry at the Kosher Scene would go to the trouble of providing an elaborate, thoughtful and generous definition for a phrase. She had mentioned to me that making my recipes is just like playing the trust game, and when I asked her what that meant, she said […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Tuesday December 5th: One-Pot Comfort Foods Meals

Please take good note of the day: Tuesday instead of our customary Monday, as we have a Simcha in the family that Monday Low maintenance dinner classics. Each of the following dishes is substantial enough to stand as a whole on its own right. The perfect comfort foods! I’ll be demonstrating: Pot-au-feu Lamb, lima beans […]


More Good Chocolate, Mom, Please!

Recently I mentioned to my daughter Bella I was going to Montreal soon for a demo, and she said with great urgency: “Mommy, whatever you do, make sure you go back to the store where we had those heavenly good chocolate danishes. You just can’t go to Montreal without having one!” We had that danish […]

Upcoming Cooking demo in NYC: Glorious Tajines. Gluten-Free

The appeal of Moroccan food is universal. The aromas and flavors of the dishes do their magic every bit as much as the simplicity of their preparation. There’s just one more secret: What we call somewhat dismissively “side dishes” and which gets shuffled around on our dinner plate simply doesn’t exist in our cuisine. Vegetables […]


Royally Annoying Review on Royal Challah Silicone Mold

This challah silicone mold, which was created to obediently take on a beautiful braid’s shape for dutiful but less-than-dexterous bakers, elicited many comments, a few of them of a gastronomic nature, most of them of a reconstructive-surgery nature (vaguely reminding one as it does of some enhancement plan…), and just one of them of a […]