Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday April 23rd. Israeli Independence Day

Attention Israelis, native and honorary alike, all aboard: Let’s eat as in the Shuk! I’ll be demonstrating: Yogurt strawberry rhubarb soup Shakshuka on baked beans Tilapia in tehina sauce Spinach feta cheese borekas Semolina almond cake with lemon syrup I will also be selling and signing my latest cookbook: Just arrived and looking fabulous! Special […]


My Passover Kitchen Diaries: Anatomy of a Week in the Home Kitchen Trenches

When it comes to my Passover Kitchen, I mean Kitchen Diaries, Anatomy and Kitchen Trenches quite literally.  Let me start by saying that ALL my Passover Recipes are included in this link, ALL Non-Gebroks I have been asked countless times by fans, family and friends the perennial Passover Kitchen question: “How do you do it?” And […]

On SiriusXM with Rabbi Wechsler Teaches

A special Chol Hamoed treat! Check out my interview with Rabbi Wechsler Teaches on Sirius Radio!

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC. Monday March 19th: Seder Feast

Here’s a feast you won’t spend days knocking yourself out preparing: Even the stunning fish terrine is much easier to make than it sounds! I’ll be demonstrating: Wild mushroom soup Tricolor fish terrine with watercress sauce Mixed greens with walnut dressing Roast beef shoulder with root vegetables Individual potato kugels Orange almond cake Espresso brownies […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday March 12. Biblical Feast

I got the inspiration for this wonderful meal some years ago during a fascinating visit to Naot Kiddumim, near Jerusalem, where everything that was used to grow and harvest the “Sheva Minim” (olives, pomegranates, figs, grapes, dates, barley and wheat) is still intact, just as in the ancient days when it was operating. They even […]