Trader Joe Chocolate Chips

Trader Joe Chocolate Chips Going Dairy. A Gastronomic Uproar

This week I received dozens of messages about these national news that are causing a total uproar: Trader Joe chocolate chips are going to be made in dairy equipment from now on To name just one example, here’s an alarmed message  from Rachel: Worst news ever!  Please take action. Spread the word – according to […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday May 21st: Shavouot Feast

My new version of onion soup includes an ingredient that is invisible but tastes magnificent: Manchego. Let’s enjoy this rare dairy splurge! Fabulous Menu I’ll be demonstrating: French onion soup Salmon with fennel and olives Artichoke and fava bean casserole Endive pear parmesan salad Ricotta lemon babka My gorgeous Hardcover Cookbook is on sale at […]


Mother’s Day Brunch. Menu and Recipes.

I find Mother’s Day Brunch menus quite exciting: Spring bounty, guests all ages, classic crowd pleasers, eclectic menu, beautiful weather (hopefully!) The idea with a meal like Mother’s Day Brunch is to give mom a break from kitchen chores, so we keep the menu simple and not too labor-intensive, even while we keep it exciting […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday May 14th: Glorious Asian Morsels

Fish and vegetable Asian delicacies, made naturally and elegantly. Wasabi oil: pure seduction! I’ll be demonstrating: Nori rolls Sea bass poached in dashi sake broth Sashimi salad Mock crab spring rolls Turnip cakes with dipping sauce and wasabi oil Vegetable dumplings We are selling The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen at the demo at $30.00 a […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday May 7th. Mother’s Day

Calling all children to cook with – and for- Mommy: You will be delighted to see how delicious and healthy a lot of standbys are, if only they are homemade! Children eight to fifteen years old pay only $30.00. I’ll be demonstrating: Tuna casserole Blueberry scones Pancakes with assorted toppings Mixed salad greens Ice cream […]