Dear Coco

Delicious New Chocolates: Thank You Dear Coco!

I think after all the tumult Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chips caused this week, I have the perfect antidote: New Chocolate Kid on the block: Dear Coco. Rachelle Ferneau, the owner, had the inspiration to send me some samples of her chocolate truffles, all twelve flavors in a cool lucite-like box, where you can take a […]


My Demo at De Gustibus Last Week!

An All-Moroccan Feast: Yum! As delicious as it was easy, and of course all natural, all excerpted from my new cookbook, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen: Judge for yourself from the thank-you note Salvatore Rizzo, director of De Gustibus,  sent me: “On behalf of all of us at De Gustibus Cooking School, I would like […]

Trader Joe Chocolate Chips

Trader Joe Chocolate Chips Going Dairy. A Gastronomic Uproar

This week I received dozens of messages about these national news that are causing a total uproar: Trader Joe chocolate chips are going to be made in dairy equipment from now on To name just one example, here’s an alarmed message  from Rachel: Worst news ever!  Please take action. Spread the word – according to […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday May 21st: Shavouot Feast

My new version of onion soup includes an ingredient that is invisible but tastes magnificent: Manchego. Let’s enjoy this rare dairy splurge! Fabulous Menu I’ll be demonstrating: French onion soup Salmon with fennel and olives Artichoke and fava bean casserole Endive pear parmesan salad Ricotta lemon babka My gorgeous Hardcover Cookbook is on sale at […]


Mother’s Day Brunch. Menu and Recipes.

I find Mother’s Day Brunch menus quite exciting: Spring bounty, guests all ages, classic crowd pleasers, eclectic menu, beautiful weather (hopefully!) The idea with a meal like Mother’s Day Brunch is to give mom a break from kitchen chores, so we keep the menu simple and not too labor-intensive, even while we keep it exciting […]