Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday August 27th: Moroccan Street Foods

Ready for more Moroccan treats? My long experience tells me: Always: Just say the word! What’s great about this menu is how plebeian the ingredients are, and what fantastic natural dishes they produce, and this includes dessert! I’ll be demonstrating: Vegetable soup Fish chraimi Meatballs with zucchini and thyme sauce Grated carrot date salad Makrod […]


Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday August 20th: Cooking with Leaves

The hearty dark leaves are not just for salad: they make quick, delicious and super-healthy treats. Did you know you can make your own delicious kale chips in minutes at the fraction of their store-bought counterpart? I’ll be demonstrating: Moroccan chicken with Swiss Chard Fish in parsley lemon sauce Mustard greens salad Soba noodles with […]

Pardes NYC

Another Feast at Pardes

Another sampling dinner at Pardes Restaurant: I succumbed to the idea yet again, tightening my belt all of that day in prevision for what treats were in store for us. The only thing better than reading and drooling about this menu is actually eating it. I went last week with my lovely foodie soul sister […]


Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday August 6th. The Zakuska Table.

Piroshki and other Russian finger foods, showcasing some classic fermented dishes. Just a few of the wonderful treats my Russian-by-marriage side of the family got me hooked on. An evening of fun foods and nostalgia! I’ll be demonstrating: Satsivi Pickled salmon Eggplant caviar Blini Vinaigrette Cabbage dill piroshki Poppy seed roll Click Here to Register! […]