For my French Speaking Friends Only: Le Francais: Une Langue Animale

French is a dreamy but complicated language, and like every language, it borrows from the animal kingdom to describe actions, feelings and character traits: shrewd as a weasle, foxy lady, stubborn as a mule, gay as a pinson, sing like a canary, the trojan horse, the black sheep, and so on. Dear French speaking friends, […]

FANS ONLY: FREE SHIPPING on Levana’s Latest Cookbook

Just to say thanks to our loyal fans for all of your wonderful support,  Levana’s latest masterpiece, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen, in now available with FREE SHIPPING! ($8.00 Savings!)   The Perfect Gift to Yourself and Beyond, Kosher or not! Second Edition: Hardcover | March 2012 | Publisher: Lévana Kirschenbaum 420 pages. 77 gorgeous […]

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Lidia’s Favorite Recipes. Lidia Bastianich. Book Review

I recently received Lidia Bastianich’s latest Cookbook, Lidia’s Favorite Recipes, which her publishers sent me for review. Lidia’s cooking show has always been one of the very few cooking shows I actually enjoy watching, for many no-brainer reasons: It is real food, not a fantasy; it has none of that swashbuckling that often turns a […]

Taking the Demo Show on the Road: the Portable Feast!

Taking the Demo Show on the Road: the Portable Feast!

Never Too Young (or Too Old) to Cook! Dear friends, For the past thirty years I have been fortunate to  host weekly cooking demos, at the 92nd Street Y, at Lincoln Square and in my very home. We’ve had some incredible times together: good food and good company have always been a recipe for a […]