Sea Bass in Tomato Dashi Sauce Recipe

Sea Bass is an expensive treat, I am perfectly aware of that. As you fans know about me, I go out of my way to get affordable ingredients and end up with not just delicious and nutritious but affordable dishes. But here is the tradeoff: this sea bass dish is out of this world, and […]


Popsicles Galore Recipes

Popsicles are a treat you don’t need to be a kid or find yourself in torrid summer temperatures to enjoy. I make popsicles year round. While I find homemade ice cream and ice cream makers an imposition, popsicles are not trouble at all. The beauty about making popsicles at home is, beside being much more […]


Infused Water Recipes

You would be amazed how many Infused Water Flavors you can come up with, from aromatic to fruity and everything in between. You will make a beautiful infused water display in no time. Store-bought infused water? Nothing seems like more of a waste to me. Instead, consider this: A pitcher of cold water with some added […]


Bison and Bourbon Restaurant. Quality Frozen Foods

My professional fellow trailblazer and contemporary, Menachem Lubinsky of Lubicom. This past Monday night we went to the soft opening of Bison and Bourbon Restaurant, spectacular new Kosher digs in Gowanus Brooklyn. Hosted by Quality Frozen Foods, with the valuable collaboration of Gabriel Boxer a.k.a. the Kosher Guru. Just how spectacular? You must experience it for yourself. Suffice it […]


My Young Friend Chaya’s Wedding Shower Menu

Yesterday I gave a Wedding Shower Menu and Cooking Demo for my wonderful young friend Chaya Fried, daughter of our very own beloved Rabbi Yisroel Friend at Chabad of the West Side. Beautiful Chaya was  born and bred practically in my backyard. Our friendship started early on: Our first entre nous date, the forst of many, […]