Onion Soup

My Latest Weekday Dinner Menu with Recipes

I was told the dinner we hosted at our home in honor of some guests in town from Israel this past Monday was totally ridiculous (love the new slang word!). Because it was a weekday, I looked to distance myself from “Shabbos food”, plus we needed to accommodate some vegetarian guests, so dairy and fun, […]

Mason and Mugs NYC

Exciting New Kosher Digs. Mason and Mug Restaurant

Exciting New Kosher Digs. Mason and Mugs Restaurant in Prospect Heights New York:  http://on.fb.me/1gtqIw8 Mason and Mug is where I go for a perfect Umami pick-me-up. Frankly I am feeling slightly impatient about the bewildering proliferation of oversized overpriced overrated over-everything Kosher steakhouses. I know this for sure: All over the NYC area, midtown guys, […]


Our Visit to Mexikosher LA Restaurant Review

With Talented Chef Katsuji Tanabe Let me start by saying the food at Mexikosher is fresh, delicious and plentiful, the chef is talented, the price is right, and everyone working there is helpful and nice. The reason I am posting this is to give a little advice if I may, as supportively as I possibly can, on how […]

Easy as Vegan Pie

Easy as Vegan Pie. Hannah Kaminsky. Book Review

http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Vegan-Pie-One-Kind/dp/1626361029 Easy as Vegan Pie is Hannah Kaminsky’s fifth book. Hannah is one hard working and multitalented woman, and we are lucky to get the fruits of her talents so regularly. She works hard to make it easy for us lucky eaters. Her thing is, Vegan Baking, the all-natural way, streamlined and simple. She gets […]


High Carb Cravings on Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Diet Suggestions, Menus and Recipes When my son Maimon was a teenage schoolboy, he told his father: “Tati, you know what I heard old age is? That’s when your broad mind and narrow waist switch places”. Not missing a beat, my husband snapped right back at him that his mind was broader than […]