Great Tips on Fillo Dough

Stick with me: I’ll make a Fillo dough pro (you like the way it all rhymes?) out of you! The good news is, fillo dough is wonderfully versatile, melt-in-your-mouth delicious and wonderfully crunchy. We Moroccans and other Mediterranean food lovers and beyond couldn’t be without it. Amazing, when you think fillo contains nothing more than […]


My Shavuot Menu Lunch with Recipes

I have a huge Shavuot Menu on my blog, with lots of my favorite dairy recipe compositions. This Yom Tov we are hosting just one meal, Shavuot lunch. Here’s my Shavuot menu: All at Room Temperature, except what needs to be served chilled (salmon, soup, lemonade) cold feasts In this Shavuot menu, as with all other menu, play up […]


A Kid Craving Stuffed Morels: Yuppie City Here I Come!

This comment from Arel Mishory on my blog makes my day. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear, with undiminished pleasure, how much people miss my eponymous Restaurant. Great to know we left a great legacy! Upscale Kosher Restaurateurs, Pardes  and a few others, the ball is in your court!  A seven year […]

Ask Levana: Is Coconut Yogurt Dairy-Free?

Ask Levana: Is Coconut Yogurt Dairy-Free?

I was recently asked if coconut yogurt is a dairy-free product.  The answer is Yes!  Coconut yogurt is dairy-free, and most importantly its flavor is very unobtrusive and doesn’t compete at all with the other two major flavors I am starring in this dish: Chocolate and peanut butter. You will also see in health food […]

Ask Lévana: What is a Terrine?

The term terrine can cover a number of different preparations. All of these preparations have one thing in common – they are made in a large loaf pan. Most commonly, a terrine is a baked meat- or fish-loaf item. A dessert terrine can imply a frozen dessert, molded in the pan and inverted and sliced […]