Homemade Functional Drinks Recipes

 Functional drinks, both hot and cold, is something I have been tinkering with all my life, long before they - and all detox talk - became fashionable. My father Z'L, who knew every herb and plant and their many benefits, helped heal many booboos with…
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Health Breakfast Menu and Recipes

My Health Breakfast for four was a real smash this week. It was supremely healthy even as it was delicious and fun. And easy. Perfect for these dog days, as we needed no cooking or reheating whatsoever. The perfect Cold Summer Health Breakfast! I…
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Bison and Bourbon Restaurant. Quality Frozen Foods

My professional fellow trailblazer and contemporary, Menachem Lubinsky of Lubicom. This past Monday night we went to the soft opening of Bison and Bourbon Restaurant, spectacular new Kosher digs in Gowanus Brooklyn. Hosted by Quality Frozen Foods,…

My Young Friend Chaya's Wedding Shower Menu

Yesterday I gave a Wedding Shower Menu and Cooking Demo for my wonderful young friend Chaya Fried, daughter of our very own beloved Rabbi Yisroel Friend at Chabad of the West Side. Beautiful Chaya was  born and bred practically in my backyard.…

Our Seudat Hodaa. Menu, Recipes and Product Plugs

Enjoy the pictures of our food and our guests at our Seudat Hodaa on Facebook. This week we hosted Seudat Hodaa for my husband's... not recovery exactly, but for our New Normal: Yom Yom. His health crisis is multiple myeloma, a rare and treacherous…
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Kosher by Design Brings it Home. Susie Fishbein Cookbook. My Review.

Treat yourself and a friend to a copy. Passover is around the corner. Just sayin'! http://amzn.to/1OWScVt Cooking by Design Brings it Home is Susie Fishbein's latest beautiful cookbook. Congrats and much success! When Susie Fishbein says…

Zahav Cookbook by Michael Solomonov. My Book Review

Treat yourself to a copy. Well priced too! Congratulations and Kudos to Michael Solomonov for his delightful just-published Zahav Cookbook, named after his eponymous Restaurant. Michael's sterling reputation as a multi-restaurant owner in…

Pereg: A Taste of Home

A couple years ago I let several containers of Pereg salad and rice toppings I had received as a gift languish and go to waste, because they didn't have clear ingredient listings, let alone instructions for use. Feel free to call me obsessive…

Kosherfeast and Kosherfest 2015

Kosherfest 2015, and the Kosherfeast Dinner that kicked it off, were loads of fun. This year's Kosherfeast dinner was a meaningful Tikkun for the one which took place two years ago at the now-extinct J-Soho Restaurant (a mortifying debacle,…

My Fat Dad. Dawn Lerman. My Book Review

Treat yourself and a dear friend to a copy today! Congrats to Dawn Lerman for her wonderful new book, My Fat Dad. Everything about My Fat Dad is delicious, poignant and irresistible: Dawn's frank and evocative style, her inner child's voice…

The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen Cookbook. Amelia Saltsman. My Review

Order Your Copy on Amazon Today! Well priced too! Amelia Saltsman's new Cookbook, the Seasonal Jewish Kitchen, is nothing short of magnificent. Heaven Help me I just fell in love with it! If there were (of course there were, often for good…
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Something Sweet Cookbook. Miriam Pascal. My Review

Order Your Copy Today on Amazon! Something Sweet has just been published by Someone Sweet: Miriam Pascal, who runs the popular blog Overtime Cook. Kudos to Miriam for her first Cookbook, a beautiful dessert cookbook. You can see by a number…