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Apple Potato Herring Salad Recipe. White Fish Salad Variation

Posted on 7th of June, 2012 by Lévana

herring salad with jacket potatoes

Sort of a new age herring salad. I suspect many of you have the same problem I do with the regular herring salad offerings we are used to: We all love herring and all briny smoked salty cured foods, but couldn’t dream of indulging in eating them in more than just minute doses, as the amount of salt contained in these dishes is nothing short of prohibitive. So I always dream up dishes that includes the salty item in a salad with no added salt whatsoever, making the salted item much more “elastic”, and the finished dish, like this herring salad, just regularly salty, not a drop more. In my view all items like canned tuna and sardines, lox, smoked white fish and herring have such a distinct and intense flavor that they can easily bear being “extended”. This delicious herring salad will tell the whole story for me!

This is a delicious spin on a classic Jewish favorite. Could the powers that be at your local schul or shtible be persuaded to to do a little more than take herring out of a jar, and make this delicious and nutritionally sound herring salad?
Don’t hesitate to make this herring salad the day before you serve it: It will only get better!
On dairy days, use yogurt instead of olive oil, and adjust the seasonings with a good pinch of sugar to offset the tanginess of the yogurt.

1 quart jar pickled herring, drained, 1/3 cup of the brine reserved
2 large potatoes, boiled and diced small
2 granny smith apples, skin on, diced small
3 ribs celery, peeled and sliced
1/2 small red onion, minced
½ cup olive oil
Ground pepper to taste


Dice the herring small. If you found some sliced onions in the jar, leave them in as well. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Serve at room temperature, as is on  good whole grain bread, on a bed of shredded lettuce.

Smoked White Fish Apple Potato Salad. 4 cups store-brought white fish salad. No brine, no olive oil. Everything else just as above.

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