A Kid Craving Stuffed Morels: Yuppie City Here I Come!

This comment from Arel Mishory on my blog makes my day. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear, with undiminished pleasure, how much people miss my eponymous Restaurant. Great to know we left a great legacy! Upscale Kosher Restaurateurs, Pardes  and a few others, the ball is in your court!  A seven year old craving stuffed morels. Wow. Just. wow.

“Levana, I sent a request for your Tiramisu recipe and after I did I found it here on your blog. Thanks so much. Thrilled to have found your site. Our family LOVED your restaurant. We have many fond memories. Once our son who was about seven at the time said he wanted stuffed morels for dinner. I said “impossible”, we went to dinner and there they were: stuffed morels with Venison pate no less. I use your cookbooks frequently both for recipes and inspiration”.

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