My Latest Moroccan Feast: Menu and All Recipes

As you know I cook up a storm, along every imaginable (of course always healthy) guideline, playing on every imaginable theme. But making an All Moroccan Feast makes me especially happy, not only because it is my personal favorite, but it makes my guests positively swoon with anticipation and delight. My latest Moroccan Feast was […]


Great Tips on Fillo Dough

Stick with me: I’ll make a Fillo dough pro (you like the way it all rhymes?) out of you! The good news is, fillo dough is wonderfully versatile, melt-in-your-mouth delicious and wonderfully crunchy. We Moroccans and other Mediterranean food lovers and beyond couldn’t be without it. Amazing, when you think fillo contains nothing more than […]


Shavuot Menu with Recipes

This Yom Tov we are hosting just one meal, Shavuot lunch. Here’s my Shavuot menu: All at Room Temperature, except what needs to be served chilled cold feasts In this Shavuot menu, as with all other menu, play up the Trademark ingredient (here: Dairy), but don’t play it up so much that it becomes repetitive and tiresome. So […]