Kosherfest 2012

Kosherfest 2012 Standout New Products

Kosherfest 2012 was great fun this year! I and quite a few others marveled at how the staff at Kosherfest 2012 pulled off the whole show with their hands often tied behind their backs, so soon after Hurricane Sandy, which crippled many warehouses…

Mahia (Eau de Vie) Nahmias et Fils.

Mahia Nahmias et Fils: Drink - and eat - to your health! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dorit and David Nahmias, distillers extraordinaire, of Mahia and Rye Whisky at Nahmias et Fils: their Mahia is fabulous! It doesn't hurt one bit…
Kosher by Design Cooking coach

Kosher by Design Cooking Coach: Susie Fishbein

Kosher by Design Cooking Coach The only thing that would be more delicious than admiring Susie Fishbein's latest cookbook 'Kosher by Design Cooking Coach' with its lavish display of gorgeous pictures would be to roll up your sleeves, open the…

The Delicious World of Plums. Recipes

Plums, plums, plums! I get my fill of plums every summer while they are plentiful and linger until late October. Early November, and they are still there: Bring some plums home while they last! The variety of plums I love is the long, dark,…
Hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy: Bunking in Style

Hurricane Sandy! We always tell ourselves, as soon as we can set aside a couple days, we will put order in those photo albums, match - or dispose of - those missing socks, write our friends, make play dates. Like so many others, I have finally…