Protein Bars

What Price Protein? Beware of those Protein Bars!

The Dark Side of Most Protein Bars: Soy Protein Isolates It is really fascinating, when we are on the road, or too harried, or trying to loose a few unwanted pounds, that we can find a whole meal in the form of protein bars, snugly fitting in tiny packets, which we can enjoy with great […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC. Monday January 30th: Wholesome Salad Dinners

I’m always asked what my lucky husband gets for dinner every night. And the honest answer is: Salad, salad, and more salad, in every shape and form! Here are three wonderful main-course salads you can adapt to your personal preferences: Play with the flavors and textures and get different results every time! We’ll round out […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo: Monday January 23rd. Indian Feast

Did you know my Tandoori mixture, from my cookbook “Levana Cooks Dairy-Free!” is a great favorite with kosher and non-kosher diners? You will understand what makes Indian cuisine so delicious and so much leaner. The Indian gamut of grains is so astounding that dinner is gluten-free almost without trying! I’ll be demonstrating: Vegetable tofu curry […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: A La Francaise

Due to the overwhelming response we had for this menu, we are repeating it all over again, so those of you who couldn’t register to our sold-out demo get another chance! Stay home with some French Classics, a good bottle of wine and some baguette: What could possibly beat this treat? I am including my […]

wrap and boil cheesecloth bags

Very Low Tech Kitchen Marvel: “Wrap and Boil” Bags!

A fan of my cooking demos recently bought me this very low-tech marvel: Wrap and Boil bags: I love’ em: They are very elastic large expandable cheesecloth tubular pouches, sewn in at one end, so you put anything you like, and tie the bag at the other end. This past Shabbos I so wanted to […]