Pardes Tasting Menu: A Multi-Dish Multi-Level Feast

Chef Moshe Wendel of Pardes Restaurant looks, sounds and cooks like a force of nature. I was there last Sunday with my friends Larisa and Gene, and their precious daughter Chasya, and rather than order specific dishes, we willingly submitted to Chef Moshe’s magic and ordered a complete tasting menu, confident we were in expert […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday October 31st: Secrets of Whole Grain Bread Baking. Served with Salad and Soup

Too many of us simply don’t believe bread or challah can be as exciting if baked with whole grain flours, and often settle for mediocre bad-for-you white bread offerings. I have the modest hope of changing that in my circles of students and readers. As you all know, and as my new cookbook amply bears […]


Are we friends yet?

Today is a big day for me! I’ve reached 4,900 fans on Facebook  – I even got to watch the dial change from 4,899 to 4,900! Are you a fan of my page yet? If not, please hit the “like” button on our page – you’ll be pleased to see and participate in some great food […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday October 24th: Italian Feast

Italian flavors at their best! Each dish is a meal in its own right. Except for the dessert, all dishes are gluten-free I have a pretty fantastic egg-free take on the delicious but prohibitively egg yolk-rich classic zabaglione. I’ll be demonstrating: Chicken cacciatore Herb Italian bean soup Panzanella with mock shrimp Mille-feuille with zabaglione and […]

Going to Nobo Teaneck soon? Do not order: Trust Chef Josh!

Once in a while when I know the restaurant is great, and the chef perfectly knowledgeable and perfectly at home with his creations, I call the restaurant and tell the chef, make us what you like. I do give him some guidelines, such as, no frying; no starches as main course; watch the salt. That’s […]