Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday September 12th: Asian Feast. Gluten-Free

You may have trouble going back to ordering in a Chinese restaurant after you realize how superior homemade is, thanks to all the glorious  Asian flavors. We will never know why Chinese cookies are called Chinese, but we do know they are fabulous! I’ll be demonstrating: Mock Cab salad Hot and sour egg drop soup […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday August 29th. Pareve Shabbos Lunch: Gluten-Free

A Pareve Shabbos meal? that’s right: No oxymoron there! I am always asked to make a pareve cholent, just like the one I often make at home. Here are several of our favorite Jewish Specialties, recast as Pareve and light healthy fare. And Gluten-Free to boot! Time permitting, I want to try and make a […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday August 22nd: The Lean Italian Feast

Italian flavors at their best and most vibrant: I am making my own special oil for the antipasto. You will love the fish soup! And wait till you taste that plum tart! I’ll be demonstrating: Antipasto Cioppino Arborio with wild mushrooms Balsamic-roasted fennel, endive and radicchio Plum tart Click here to register  


Shopping in a Heimish Store

I got such a kick out of this one! A trip to the suburbs always includes a trip to a Heimish Store. Make no mistake, some of those affectionately called Heimish store are the size of a small ball park. We New Yorkers shop mostly local, and sometime the bill kills. For the most part, we […]


New Children Book in Town! Anita and Juanito

  Oh I know I’m too old to still read a children’s book, but when it’s so much fun, and I can enjoy it with a grandchild or two, I’m there! Especially when I get lucky enough to meet the author personally: Jackie Theibert: writer, cartoonist, animation genius, portraitist, and nanny to three adoring and […]