Hammantashen Recipe with Gluten-Free Option

Hammantashen Recipe The signature triangle-shaped fun Purim cookie, with three points pinched around a jam filling. There’s no Purim without them! Delicious Gluten-free too! Ingredients: Dough: 4 cups flour: all-purpose, whole wheat pastry, or spelt (gluten-free: any GF flour) 1 tablespoon baking powder ½ salt 4 eggs ¾ cup sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 1 […]


Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday March 14th: Vegetarian Indian

Cooking Demo in NYC Vegetarian Indian: Indian food is naturally wonderful, flavorful and healthy without any need for getting too rich, and nothing ever comes close to homemade! I’ll be demonstrating: Corn hot and sour soup Aloo gobi Vegetable pancakes in ghee Jasmine rice Apricot chutney Yogurt raita Mango lassi Carrot nut pudding Click here to […]


Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

Teriyaki Sauce Recipe I live in the vicinity of several Chinese restaurants (who doesn’t?). Every morning I watch the mountain of trash at their back door, and it always includes enormous jerry cans of teriyaki sauce: No wonder all those dishes look like a container of motor oil has accidentally landed there. This unwelcome sight […]


My Menu for Lean Latin Feast

My Menu for Lean Latin Feast This is the menu for our last demo: It was so fabulous I must share it with all of you: There is not a single asset that my Latin Feast menu doesn’t have: Quick, fun, festive, healthy and lean. Add to this that I make a mean sangria: How […]


Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday March 7th: Purim: Edible Gifts

Cooking Demo in NYC: When it comes to bringing edible gifts, nothing comes close to a pint or a loaf or box of something coming straight from your own kitchen. The following selection will establish you as the friend who gives the greatest – and most edible – Mishloach Manot! We are not only making […]