The Kosher Food and Wine Experience: A Remarkable Journey

Still enjoying the glow of last night’s Kosher Food and Wine Experience. Recently I had been trying to firm up a kosher supervision for retail use of Dashi powder. In my catering days I used to order it from Daniel Berlin at Sushi Metsuyan, so when it came time to write my upcoming cookbook, where I […]


Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday February 28th: the Lean Latin Feast

Cooking Demo in NYC: With this lineup of fabulous Latin flavors, lean food is really easy to enjoy in style. The added bonus is, all the dishes will be naturally gluten-free, without even trying! Come ready to party: Beside the fun and delicious dinner, My sangria is the best! I’ll be demonstrating: Tilapia with green […]


Planning a Party? Read This First, Then Have Fun Entertaining!

Planning a party the proper way is always half the battle. The following chapter is included in my first book, Levana’s Table: Kosher Cooking for Everyone, and is all about planning the perfect party.  My readers have always found it very useful,  and I gave lectures on the subject several times. Recently I participated in […]


Our Cooking Demo Venue in NYC has Changed! Please Take Good Note of it!

My demos are getting more cozy! See you at the demo! It’s dinner and a show! Dear friends, As you may know, for many years I have conducted my cooking demos weekly at Lincoln Square Synagogue, and have come to consider both the demos and the guests attending them as a very important part of […]


Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC. Monday February 14th. The student’s – and EVERYONE’S – survival guide!

Dear students and all other solitary people faced with mediocre fare out there, hunkering for a taste of home, unite! There are so many inexpensive, quick and nutritious ways to whip up a meal in a jiffy. Only please treat yourselves to these one-time purchases that will make a world of difference: a blender, a […]