Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday November 29th: Chanukkah Party. Gluten-Free

Courtesy of the alarmist low-carb food industry, the humble potato has gone from being a faithful staple at every table to making rare and apologetic appearances, as in Chanukkah, where we fry and eat it with a vengeance. In this feast, you will incorporate it wisely and deliciously at every dish, yes, even dessert! I’ll […]


Trio of Tuna Recipes

 Tuna Handrolls This trio of tuna is always glamorous, and so simple I demonstrated the three dishes as a small part of a whole cooking demo called “intimate meals”: Nothing to it! Tuna Tartare: 1 inch piece ginger 3 sprigs cilantro, stems removed 1 jalapeno 1 pound fresh tuna, cut in large chunks 4 scallions, […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo in NYC: Monday November 22nd: Leftover Party

A natural sequel to the Thanksgiving feast. So what’s wrong with leftovers? Nothing whatsoever, au contraire! Only please don’t call them that, and don’t serve them the way they came as the other night’s dinner, which might have been great then but would be kind of drab now: Instead, spend a few minutes recasting them […]

My No-Sweat Thanksgiving Feast: Complete Menu and Recipes!

My No-Sweat Thanksgiving Feast: Menus, Tips and Recipes!

What’s the matter? Can’t have turkey? Get a Vegan cruelty-free Turkey and make PETA proud! Gravy: Chocolate Syrup! Ta-Da! Thanksgiving is a wonderful day, but it is also cause for much commotion in the US. It need not be, You know me: nothing is ever an excuse to lose my head and throw balance and nutrition […]


Exciting New Kosher Restaurant in Brooklyn: Pardes

Image via Crown Heights My friend Chaim Szmidt, of the Kosher Scene and I just love to talk about food, and of course consume it and then excitedly discuss it, as other people discuss their recent cruises or their recent shopping sprees (I must say I become totally – and uncharacteristically – mute on these […]