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Upcoming Cooking Class Demo: Monday, August 2nd Chocolate Fantasies!

Staying put this August? Don’t miss this popular demo! I want to warn you about the brand new drop dead mousse torte and frozen dessert I have just developed, so you can come prepared and save your diet points for this one. If it requires you to “suffer” a setback in your brave resolutions, or […]

Cooking demo in New York: Monday July 26th: Latin Fiesta!

The solemn week of Tish’a Be’av is just behind us. Time to have a good time! Singles, doubles and crowds: Nothing spells P-A-R-T-Y like a great Latin night of delicious food and drink. Bring your fun props and friends! I’ll be demonstrating: Sangria Pineapple rum cocktails Black bean chocolate soup Arroz con pollo Seviche Green […]


Renewing Vows, the Virtual Way

Recently I said to Sara, who helps me and tutors me in all things technical, I should have more of a profile on Facebook. My list of friends was expanding, G-d bless, and so it would be a nice idea. So we edited the profile to include my status (married) plus my kids” name. Nothing […]


NYC Hick Goes out to Queens

I have been living in the United States almost two generations. I have lived in an apartment structure my whole life, in big cities only: Casablanca, Paris New York, etc…. you get the picture. I am a complete city mouse, don’t drive, and cannot conceive of any viable setting where subways, buses, museums, restaurants, bookstores, […]