Tuesday, June 15th Cooking Demo: Father’s Day: The Good Junk

No you needn’t kiss your favorites goodbye! You can enjoy your fast food as hearty as you like it, and right at home. So what’s the secret? None other than starting out with lean choices, cooking from scratch, and making it yourself in minutes.  Impress Dad with these recipes on Father’s Day or any day! […]


Honor your Mother the Gluten-Free Way! Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe

What an adventure it was, trying Gluten-free Pizza on my bread-chomping son Yakov! Yakov is the poster child for the meat-and-potato-and-lots-of-ketchup diet. When he was little, his biggest compliment regarding my food was, “Delicious beans, Mommy. Almost as good as the baked beans from Eagle Day Camp.” (I couldn’t resist asking them for their recipe, […]

Monday, June 7th Cooking Demo: Superfoods: Roots and Leaves

I bet you don’t always know what to make of  (let alone with!) those masses of shapeless leaves and grimy roots piled demurely at every food market display you pass hurriedly every day. The good news is there’s plenty of ways you can use them: They cost pennies, are veritable nutritional powerhouses and are a […]


Rave Reviews

I often receive feedback about my classes or recipes that just makes me kvell. If you have made any of my recipes and have feedback to share with me, I would love to hear from you! You can leave a note in the comments section below. Here is one that really put a smile on […]