Cooking Demo: Thursday July 8th: Main Course Salads

Whatever dinner mood you may be in – French, Latin, Chinese, Italian – there is a complete and exciting main course salad to suit your food preferences and cravings: meat, fish or vegetarian. Since this is the way my husband and I eat almost every day, I can only assure you you are in good […]

Cooking Demo: Monday June 28th: The Perfect Shabbos Lunch

Would you rather not leave the heat on for shabbos? Who could blame you? Many of my fabulous cold summer Shabbos menus have appeared in many publications: Time to share one of them with you! Minimal cooking and effort, maximal flavor, that’s the whole idea! I will be demonstrating: Chilled minted pea escarole soup Seared […]

Kosher Fruit Concentrates

I recently called the Star-K to ask if we could use fruit concentrates without a kosher sign, and they explain that although technically it would be OK, we do need a kosher sign as the processing plant might also be processing grape products, which do need a reliable hechsher.  So the answer ended up being […]

Monday June 21st Cooking demo: Chilled Summer Treats

In my catering days I used to prepare cold wedding banquets, and they were just as unforgettable as their hot counterparts. How can you miss with such intense and assertive flavors? This menu is gluten-free to boot! I will be demonstrating: Iced red and yellow pepper soup Moroccan dry rub roast chicken Minted wild rice […]


A Lovely Thing Happened on the Way to Birdland

First read this email I sent to the ticket office, it will tell the first part of the story: I am so sorry I made a very stupid – but a very honest – mistake. Next week is my daughter’s birthday and my gift to her was Birdland-and-dinner. I realized just a little while ago I booked […]