Passover Cooking. Panning the Perfect Seder Menu: Complete with Recipes. Non-Gebroks

If you would like to start with my induction  Boot Camp Crash Course in Passover Cooking, read my Passover Kitchen Diaries: Anatomy of a Week in the Home Kitchen Trenches. I grew up in a very modest household, but I remember fabulous food at every meal at my home, especially my mother’s Passover Cooking. So […]

Upcoming demo: Seder Feast. Monday March 15th

Don’t miss next week’s special Passover Seder Cooking Class Demo at Lincoln Square Synagogue on Monday, March 15th.  I recommend you register early, as this demo fills up fast! SEDER FEAST Knock their socks off without knocking yourself out: that’s the idea, especially on Seder night! I will be demonstrating the following: Wild mushroom soup […]

Kitchen Wisdom: Grinding Bay Leaves

Kitchen Wisdom: Grinding Bay Leaves

Ever get a bay leaf stuck in your throat?  It can create a very suspenseful few minutes! In fact, it just happened to my brother a few days ago, when we attended a dinner party, and the hostess served soup (which was delicious, but she forgot to take out the offending leaf!) Boy, were we […]

Upcoming Cooking Demo: Gluten-Free Dining In Style

Gluten-Free Dining In Style Monday, March 8th 7pm-9pm, Lincoln Square Synagogue Although I see no reason to put a whole nation on a gluten-free diet, the increase in gluten intolerance cannot be ignored. I experiment extensively with low-gluten and gluten-free dishes and get wonderful results each time, so my reasoning is, why not go for […]