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Mock Crab Salad Recipe

Posted on 28th of December, 2009 by Lévana


I have no quarrel with mock crab or shrimp, except for the fact that the formatting emulates “the real thing”, but the good news is, it’s delicious and all natural, so, tweak the look and go for it! I am including several presentations here for this salad. All your slicing...
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Pumpkin Cranberry Cake Recipe

Posted on 25th of December, 2009 by Lévana


I always look for baked goods that would double as real food, using unrefined sugars and whole grain flours, and sneaking in nuts, fruits and other goodies, so I can enjoy them more often and offer them confidently to all around me. Often my cakes end up looking and tasting...
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Apple Latkes Recipe

Posted on 16th of December, 2009 by Lévana


I play endlessly with latkas, both sweet and savory, and from around the world where they might not call them latkas, but fritters, beignets, bunuelos etc…. One big happy fritter family! There’s no vegetable or fruit you can’t make latkas out of, and when you go over my primer on...
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