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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Rice With Vegetables, Seaweed, and Sprouts Recipe

Posted on 11th of November, 2009 by Lévana

Rice With Vegetables, Seaweed, and Sprouts Recipe

Last night’s demo, Super Foods Super Feast, was on a subject that is very dear to me: actually the subject of the cookbook I am currently working on: I can’t tell you how exciting this book will be, written with a major nutritionist, chock full of beautiful pictures. I am...
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Chocolate Salami Recipe

Posted on 3rd of November, 2009 by Lévana

chocolate log recipe

This delightful chocolate salami recipe has a funny name, because each slice is specked with the nuts and graham crackers and looks as funky as salami. No problem making them gluten-free! No need to slice all of them, leave the unused logs in the freezer or refrigerator until ready to use:...
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